If you want to install a solar panel, you should be aware of the following common solar panel problems

Solar energy is clean, renewable, unlimited, and sustainable. Solar panels are used to convert sunlight into electricity which is then used by residential and commercial sectors. Over the years, solar panels have undergone various technological advancements that have helped them become more durable and long-lasting.

Despite the solar manufacturing industry’s best efforts, solar panels are prone to damages that can result in poor efficiency, poor electricity output, and in worst cases a complete breakdown of their electricity generation capability. Let us look at the top five common solar panel problems

Micro-Cracks and Hot Spots

  • Micro-cracks are very small microscopic cracks that can appear on the surface of the solar panel’s glass for a variety of reasons. The same is true about hot spots. If left untreated, these can spread over time and cause irreparable damage to the solar panel.

They can affect the amount of light that the solar panel can absorb, thus compromising the efficiency of the solar cells. In most cases, the waterproofing, panel frame, and lamination may remain unaffected by the presence of micro-cracks and hot spots.

Some of the more common reasons for the appearance of micro-cracks and hot spots are:

  • Manufacturing and production defect
  • Improper handling and movement during shipping
  • Sudden changes in ambient temperature
  • Exposure to harsh weather conditions

In the majority of the cases, micro-cracks and hot spots cannot be repaired. In this case, a professional solar recycling company has to be contacted which helps to properly recycle such panels. However, in some cases, a solar specialist firm might conduct an assessment of the extent of damage and may be able to repair your solar panels.

PID Effect

  • Potential Induced Degradation (PID) Effect is a result of voltage fluctuations between the electricity produced by the solar panels and the earthing of the panels. As a result, there is a varying percentage of discharged voltage in the main power circuit.

If this issue is not fixed on time, it results in faster aging and degradation of the solar panels causing decreased power output efficiency and a higher chance of solar panel failure. Most solar power experts can rectify the issue before it makes problems worse for you and your solar panel.

Loose Wiring

  • Loose wiring is one of the most common problems faced by owners of solar panels. Loose wiring and connections cause power generation and power efficiency issues in solar panels. It is highly recommended to regularly check all wiring and connections to make sure solar panels can smoothly generate electricity.

These wires connect solar panels to the inverters and the batteries. Even a minor fault in one of these wires can cause the entire solar panel system to go haywire. If the issue is not solved promptly, it can result in a complete system failure. As a result, solar panels will be rendered useless and can only be replaced.

Module Damage (Internal)

  • Internal issues in the solar module are a result of poor quality of components, subpar manufacturing practices, and failure to follow recommended procedures when manufacturing and assembling solar panels. These issues can present themselves as snail trails, discoloration, delamination, and yellowing of the solar sheets.

In most cases, it is impossible to repair such a solar module. However, it is in your best interests to contact a solar panel expert for assessment and repair.

Module Damage (External)

  • solar panel problemsThe solar module is also susceptible to damage by external factors such as strong winds, snow, hail, flying debris, and even excessive dust. These factors can damage the solar panels in several ways such as causing glass breakage, glass cracks, micro-cracks, etc.

In most cases, a solar module being exposed to harsh environmental conditions is not repairable. There it is recommended to take excellent care of the solar panels.

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