Here is the list of warning signs solar panels need replacement

Although solar panels have a design life of 20 – 30 years, some solar panels start underperforming much earlier. Read more below about the five telltale signs your solar panels need a replacement.

Power Output And Efficiency Aren’t Consistent

  • One of the early warning signs of a solar panel needing a replacement is inconsistent power output levels. Usually, all solar panels have a sticker on their back that lists down their power rating, output power, efficiency levels, and other useful information. If you measure the power output of the solar panel and compare it with this sticker, you will know if your solar panels are working at their optimum levels or not.

The best time to measure a solar panel’s output and efficiency is at noon on a sunny day with an ambient temperature of 25 degrees. Usually, most solar inverters will let you know the values of power and current. In case your solar inverter needs a replacement too, then these readings will not be reliable.

  • You can use a multimeter to measure power and current values too. If you are using a multimeter, set it to a 10 amp scale. This setting helps protect it from damage in case there is a short circuit or power surge. If the observed readings are below 80 percent of the manufacturer’s specifications, then you should consider getting your solar panels replaced.

It Appears Damaged

  • Usually, solar panels are manufactured to withstand strong weather effects. They are made with tempered glass to ensure the safety of the solar cells. They are also made to be water and dust-resistant. The most common physical damage observed in a solar panel is cracked glass.

This can be due to an object such as a tree branch or even stones flying at the solar panels during thunderstorms. The crack breaks the water and dust seal. Thus the penetrating moisture and dust can negatively affect the solar cells. If the damage is severe then you might have to consider using the services of a professional solar equipment recycling company to recycle your solar panels.

They Are Older Than 20 Years

  • Most manufacturers guarantee the solar panel’s efficiency and output to remain consistent for 20 – 30 years. However, some solar panels can start degrading after 20 years. This degradation can be attributed to a variety of factors such as usage patterns, load, and supply, as well as the quality of the equipment used. If solar panels are used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, they will last longer.

As technology is rapidly advancing, it is not possible to upgrade an old solar panel system to a new one. If your solar panels are older than 20 years, then you must replace your solar panels.

Burnt Marks Are Visible

  • Some people complain about burnt marks and discoloration on the surface of their solar panels. If your solar panels have the same marks, then it is in your best interest to call in a solar power specialist as soon as possible.

Burnt marks and discoloration are usually due to corrosion. This happens when the water and dust seals are damaged. The moisture penetrating inside your panels can cause irreparable damage to your solar cells. In most cases, this damage cannot be fixed and the solar panels will have to be replaced.

Using Counterfeit Equipment

  • signs solar panels need replacementSometimes the main reason for a solar panel to underperform is the manufacturer using counterfeit parts. This is something that is beyond your control. To avoid this situation, you can research the manufacturer and search for reviews online. You might get an idea about the panel’s durability and performance after hearing what other people have to say about it.

Some people fall prey to counterfeit panels. These panels may appear to be the same as original solar panels however their performance and efficiency soon degrade. The best way to avoid this problem is to select a good solar energy specialist and a good solar consultant. They might cost you a bit more but you’ll have peace of mind that your solar panels are not counterfeit and they will last a very long time.

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