Here is the list of 5 interesting solar gadgets, you must know

Due to the advancements in solar technology, solar panels are cheaper than ever. As a result, many companies manufacture various products for domestic and commercial use that deploy solar technology.

Solar-powered gadgets can bring convenience into your life, and you don’t have to worry about charging them as they run on solar energy. Take a look at these five interesting solar gadgets for your home below.

Weed Removing Robot

  • The weed-removing robot looks almost like a robot vacuum cleaner for the house. It is powered by solar panels that are incorporated in it. It uses AI and sensors to differentiate weeds and plants in your garden.

It works by removing all types and sizes of weeds. It has an excellent waterproof rating and thus can be used in all weather conditions. In addition, it is highly mobile and can go on several different types of terrain.

Solar Generator

  • A solar generator is perfect for your home to ensure a reliable supply of power, especially during prolonged outages. Solar generators are usually connected to weather-proof solar panels mounted on the house’s rooftop. The electricity is supplied to the home and stored in an EV-grade battery.

For a solar generator to work perfectly, it is recommended to regularly inspect the solar panels for any signs of damage. Sometimes the only solution for a damaged solar panel is to replace them. You must hire the services of a professional solar recycling company to get rid of your old solar panels.

Solar Mole Repellent

  • If you are tired of moles digging through your garden and ruining your plants, you must get the solar mole repellant. Just stick it in the ground and let it work its magic. It emits sonic pulses every 20 seconds. These pulses deter moles from coming near your garden. The pulses do not harm any wildlife. Its small solar panels provide the necessary power to let it work uninterrupted.

The solar mole repellent is an all-weather device. Its built-in battery takes about four hours to get fully charged. It can last for almost five days on a full charge. It is a better alternative than using chemicals to discourage pests and wildlife from coming into your garden. It is no secret that solar panels and solar energy definitely benefit the environment.

Garden Solar Lights Strand

  • These lights are perfect for creating an interesting ambiance in your backyard or garden. It consists of LED bulbs connected together in a strand that is usually 15-30 feet long. The strand is connected with a portable solar panel having a built-in battery. The solar panel charges the battery during the day so that the lights can be used at night.

To ensure that the lights work for the highest amount of time, it is imperative that you take care of the solar panel. Some garden solar lights have a colour-changing feature that can be controlled via a smartphone.

Emergency Radio & Smartphone Charger

  • interesting solar gadgetsThis is one of the best emergency tools available in the market. It is a radio (AM/FM), LED flashlight, and a smartphone charger all built into the same device. The device itself can be charged in multiple ways i.e. by a wall socket, a USB cable, its own solar panels, or by using the hand-crank.

This device is a must-have if you are located in an area that is prone to natural disasters and extreme weather events. It will let you listen to the news on the radio, and charge your phone so you can be in touch with your loved ones. A 30 minutes solar charge will charge a 1000 mAh smartphone battery, and keep the radio functional for almost two hours.

If you have faulty solar panels or a solar panel device that no longer works, you can play your part in keeping the environment safe by recycling them. Contact PV2 Recycle today at and learn how you can recycle old solar panels.

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