Solar panels and their parts are highly specialized materials and need special care and consideration when being recycled. Therefore, it is not possible to properly recycle them in an eco-friendly way in a regular recycling plant. With PV2 Recycle, we offer special recycling services for solar panel hardware, electronics, and other materials.

On average, a solar panel is made to last at least 30 years. However, it can get damaged in transit, in extreme weather, through regular wear and tear, and in other conditions too. Therefore, you may need to replace your solar panel earlier than you might have thought.

You can certainly get your solar panel repaired and fixed. But it may cost you more. To make it worth the cost, it makes more sense to get it recycled and get a new solar panel installed.

If you’ve got a damaged, expired, or worn-out component and equipment of your solar panel, hardware or electronics that need to be recycled, you can call us for our Collection Services. We will come to pick the damaged parts and take them for the recycling process.