How Are Solar Panels Recycled? A Beginner’s Guide

Here is the ultimate guide for beginners – How are solar panels recycled? The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimates that the collective value of recoverable raw materials from solar panel recycling in 2030 will be worth around 450 million $. This is the amount of money that is required to create 60 million new […]

5 Common Issues With Solar Panels

Here are the top issues with solar panels according to experts Solar panel manufacturers promise industry-leading quality standards for their manufacturing processes. However, it is not uncommon for some solar panels to run into problems. Learn here about the 5 common issues with solar panels. Internal Corrosion Due To Moisture The solar panels consist of […]

3 Major Types of Solar Systems – Components, Features, and Applicability

What are the major types of solar systems available today? In the previous article, we discussed the features and working of an off-grid solar power system. Let us now see how it compares to the other two types of systems i.e. grid-tied and hybrid solar power systems. Grid-tied Solar Power System This is the most […]

5 Little Known Facts About Solar Energy That Will Surprise You

Here are a few facts about solar energy that you need to know Sun has been the primary source of heat, light, and energy since the beginning of history. Solar energy has been used for heating, cooking, navigation, lighting, etc. However, the conversion of sunrays to electrical power through the photovoltaic effect was not achieved […]

7 Various Types of Solar Panels and Their Characteristics (Part1)

Learn all about the types of solar panels available today For centuries, fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and petroleum have been the conventional source of energy for mankind. However, they are finite in quantity, and their rate of replenishment is very slow compared to their consumption. On the other hand, solar energy is found […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Solar Energy That Make It Preferred Source of Power

Here are the top benefits of solar energy for businesses Solar energy is a type of renewable energy that is produced by the action of photovoltaic cells. These cells work on the principle of the photovoltaic effect and harness the light and heat of the sun’s rays to convert them into electricity. Energy experts recommend […]

Why is Solar Panel Recycling Important?

Solar panel recycling is immensely important – here’s why Due to the growing environmental consciousness, the demand for solar energy is on the rise. Solar energy is an environmentally-sustainable source of energy that can eventually help in reducing Global Warming and its detrimental effects on the Earth. However, the question of the sustainable disposal of […]

What Are Solar Panels Made of? Explaining the Essential Components

Solar recycling experts tell you what are solar panels made of Solar panels use photovoltaic technology to convert solar energy into electrical power. Let us take a look at the essential components of a solar panel and how they function. Solar PV Cells The major functional component of the panels is solar photovoltaic cells. These […]

An Overview of Solar Panel Recycling

Here’s everything you need to know about solar panel recycling Greenhouse gas emissions are the major culprit for the consistent rise of mean global temperature, leading to the phenomenon of Global Warming. It is the predecessor to unwanted climatic changes such as rising sea levels, heatwaves, tsunamis, floods, desertification, and much more.  There is a […]