About Us

The expeditions to Mars seem still a long way to fruition, and we aren’t likely to colonize another planet for human-living any time soon. Therefore, we must do everything and take every step to make sure the planet we are currently on, is preserved and healthy for our future generations.

That’s why at PV2 Recycle, we take environmental protection and preservation extremely seriously. As a business, we are conscious of how energy consumption, even via eco-friendly resources, can have an impact on the environment. Solar panel systems, for example, come with products that become damaged, worn, and reach their life-cycle with time.

With our global presence and full-solar panel recycling specialization, we can take care of all of your solar-panel recycle management needs, anywhere in the world, with the highest quality standards in place, and according to the applicable environmental laws and regulations.

As an environmentally-conscious consumer, we understand your desire to ensure that the damaged and worn-out equipment and materials are recycled, remarketed, and reprocessed in the least environmentally impacting way possible. Through our refined processes and continual learning, we can guarantee you that that happens.

It’s a promise.