Here are a few facts about solar energy that you need to know

Sun has been the primary source of heat, light, and energy since the beginning of history. Solar energy has been used for heating, cooking, navigation, lighting, etc. However, the conversion of sunrays to electrical power through the photovoltaic effect was not achieved till 1883 when the first solar cell was created. Bell Laboratories can be credited for the commercial success and spread of solar power, by introducing the first commercially viable solar cell in 1954.

Ever since then, there has been an unprecedented growth in the uptake of solar energy on global, regional, and commercial levels. Today, solar energy represents the fastest-growing sector of the energy economy. Solar energy can be installed as stand-alone, decentralized setups or as large-scale commercial setups. This flexibility makes solar energy a viable solution for everyone.

In this article, let us take a look at some little-known yet interesting facts about solar power.

Solar Power Can Meet The Energy Needs of The Entire Humanity

  • facts about solar energySun is an inexhaustible source of power. The Earth receives an abundance of sunlight each day, so much so that if all the sunlight received in an hour is converted into electricity, the power generated can be sufficient to meet humanity’s electricity needs for the whole year.

To make things clearer, imagine that if the entire area of the Mojave Desert is covered with solar arrays, the energy produced in a day will be more than twice the annual electrical needs of the USA.

There Has Been A Drastic Decrease in The Cost of Solar Energy Over The Past 50 Years

  • One of the reasons for the rapid uptake of solar energy globally is the drastic decrease in the production and capital cost of solar equipment. To put things in perspective, a simple solar cell was priced at $77 in 1977.

Now the cost of the solar cell has been reduced to $0.21 per watt, whereas an assembled module is priced at $0.39 per watt. This indicates a whooping 365% decrease in the cost of a solar cell.

Solar Power is Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

  • This may come as a surprise, but the overall cost of energy production through the solar system is a lot less than fossil fuels. On an unsubsidized basis, solar energy can cost as little as 4.3 cents/kWh. On the other hand, the energy produced from natural gas, which is the cheapest fossil fuel available, costs somewhere between 4.2 cents/kWh and 7.8 cents/kWh.

California Outshines All Other States

  • California, literally and figuratively, outshines all other US states when it comes to harnessing the sun’s energy for producing solar energy. It has the highest installed number of PV panels and as of 2020, California’s cumulative ability to produce solar energy is 29 gigawatts. Solar energy contributes 14% to the state’s solar energy mix which is the highest among all states of the USA.

Solar System Can be Built and Assembled in No Time

  • Among all sources of power, conventional and renewable, the solar system is the quickest to be built and assembled. If a country or region is hit by a natural disaster, the fastest way to provide electricity for the calamity-struck area is through the installation of a solar system.

One case in point is the situation in Puerto Rico. in 2017, devastating hurricanes destroyed the electricity infrastructure of the island. To overcome the electricity shortage, Tesla built multiple small solar power plants on the island. These power plants could store excess energy which came in handy during nights and on cloudy days.

  • In a few days, the disaster-struck population of Puerto Rico had an uninterrupted supply of electricity, thanks to small, decentralized solar power plants.

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