Here are the top benefits of solar energy for businesses

Solar energy is a type of renewable energy that is produced by the action of photovoltaic cells. These cells work on the principle of the photovoltaic effect and harness the light and heat of the sun’s rays to convert them into electricity. Energy experts recommend the widespread use of solar energy because the sun’s rays are an infinite source of energy and unlike fossil fuels, they are not likely to diminish.

Environmentalists propagate the use of solar power solutions because no harmful gasses and byproducts are emitted during the energy production process. Let us take a look at some other amazing benefits of solar energy that make it the preferred source of power.

1. Energy Production Does Not Carry Any Cost

  • The sun’s rays are the only input required for the production of solar energy using photovoltaic panels. Hence, once the solar plant has been set up, the system will start producing electricity under optimal conditions of temperature and solar irradiance. Hence, the cost of electricity production is zero.

Solar systems do not require too much maintenance and routine maintenance such as keeping the panels clean from dust etc can be carried out by the owner himself. The only cost involved is due to the manufacture and installation of different components of the system.

2) No Long-Distance Transportation of Energy Required

  • benefits of solar energySolar systems can be installed at individual premises. This enables the owner to generate its own electricity. Grid-based electricity is produced at a central location and is then carried over long distances for distribution to subunits. Long-distance transportation and distribution cause energy loss and reduce the efficiency of energy.

The energy produced by decentralized rooftop solar systems does not need to be carried over long distances. Hence, all unnecessary losses are avoided.

3) Maximum Energy Is Produced During High Peak Demand Hours

  • High peak demand hours are usually concentrated between the slots of 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and then from 8 pm to 11 pm. Maximum energy is required by offices, industries, malls, homes, etc during this time. Grid-based systems charge an increased price per watt during the high peak demand hours. In the case of solar energy, maximum energy is produced between the time slot of 11 am to 4 pm.

Hence, the energy production coincides with maximum peak demand hours. The cost of electricity per watt remains constant throughout the day and no additional charges are imposed at any time during the day.

4) Fixed Production Cost

  • Energy prices are always going up and down due to market fluctuations and shifts in supply and demand. In the case of solar energy, the cost of production remains constant throughout the year. The sun shines throughout the year and the infrastructure needed for energy generation is quite simple. Hence with solar energy, no fluctuations in the cost are experienced by the users.

5. Flexible Installation

  • The solar system can be conveniently installed in the smallest of places. They can be installed in both vertical and horizontal spaces, granted that optimal solar irradiance is available for energy production. Additions can be made to an already installed solar system if the demand for energy production increases. This ease and flexibility of solar energy make it an ideal choice of energy, especially for remote areas where grid-based electricity cannot be supplied.

Due to its multiple advantages, solar energy will become the dominant source of energy in decades to come. However, to make it a truly sustainable source of energy, it is important to recycle end-of-life solar panels and other components as a means of effective waste management of solar waste.

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